Monday, 3 June 2019

Making dumplings was so much fun! Once we got the hang of it they were simple to make and tasted so yummy!!

Catholic Schools Day was an awesome day where we joined with Villa Maria and St Thomas's and spent the morning at Mass, doing fun activities and sharing food together! We can't wait for next year!

Our class presented Stations of the Cross at the end of T1. We did an amazing job at acting and reading each station clearly. Mrs Ioane and the whole school was so impressed with our effort!

Our trip to the Art museum was so much fun. We got to explore all the exhibits and even learn a new art technique. We also paid tribute to those people that lost their lives in the tragic shooting in March.

Gymnastics is where we got to learn new skills and have an amazing time on all of the equipment!

Softeball lessons with Amy were the best in T1! We learnt so much and enjoyed them!

Hanmer Springs 2019