Sunday, 2 December 2018

This term for Art we are doing modelling with Clay. Check out these clay animals we have made. We had to plan for it first and then we use water and wooden knives, spoons and kebab sticks to create our animals. Our next step is to paint them.

We have LOVED swimming this term. Check us out!

So proud of those that competed at West Zones Athletics from our class! Ka rawe!!!!!

During Science this term we have been using Evidence to confirm our predictions. We have 6 samples of milk in our class and have be using our observations skills to see what happens to the milk when we leave it out of the fridge.

Helping out at our school fair was choice. We loved serving and helping with the Cream Freeze and Snow Cone Stall!

We have loved Volleyball this term. We got particularly competitive when playing "King of the Court" volleyball style! We also got to see an amazing circular rainbow outside around the sun too. We have witness this phenomena two times now on two separate Friday afternoons.

We have being have some swift technology based debates in Room 7 this term. We enjoyed working in small groups to write 3 sentences arguments for both the affirmative and negative.

Well done to all those in Room 7 that sat the ICAS Reading, English, Spelling and Maths. We are so proud of you all!