Sunday, 4 December 2016

International Food Day!

Retreat Madness!

We absolutely loved retreat last week! We loved the Catholic Youth Team and all the amazing activities!

Narrative writing ... here's a snapshot of us working in groups for our narrative writing this term.

Speech finals photos ... they all did so well!! We are extremely proud!

Ballet in a box dance lesson!

We had a member of the Royal New Zealand Ballet come and teach us some skills ... check us out!!


We were fortunate enough to have an incredible dog show into our school. They impressed us with their great skills and talents .... and the dogs were oh so cute too!

Swimming fun!

This term we attended swimming lessons at Kings Swim School. We really enjoyed these lessons and learnt so much .... we can't wait to head back there next year!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Rugby Superstar!

Congratulations to Jordan who received many different awards at his club rugby last night. He was awarded MVP for his team and also received the highest honour of all the junior teams in his club by getting the Most Outstanding Back. He has also been selected to trial for the Canterbury Rugby Team. Well done Jordan, we are so proud of you! 

Tuesday, 16 August 2016



Maths Week in August!

Last week we celebrated Maths Week! It was really fun because we got to work in groups to participate in the Survivor Series. This we where we got daily problems to solve! Check us out working in our groups.

Exposition Writing!

This term we are learning all about exposition writing. We know that this means we are writing to persuade the reader to AGREE with our point of view on different issues. We are just at the start of our learning, but come back soon to check out some different pieces of writing we have done.


Our year 7s finally got the chance to show off there fabulous dancing skills they have been working on all last term with their final performance!

All through term 2, the year 7s have been learning a salsa infused piece that they performed at the Isaac Theater Royal at the start of the term. They did such an amazing job and represented the school well! Ka Pai! We are so proud of you all and the effort you put into it!

Sunday, 3 July 2016

PJ and Movie Day!

Our fantastic Student Council organised a PJ and Movie day for our whole school! We got to dress in PJs (even the teachers) and watched a movie together within our senior syndicate. Thanks to our FAB student council!

Year 6 Cycle Safety!

This term the year 6's in Room 7 participated in Cycle Safety. This is a FUN programme where we get to learn different skills around cycling and what we need to know when cycling on the road. We had sessions in class where we learnt the road rules, sessions around our school grounds where we got to practise new skills and we went out on the road  to complete our overall learning. Thanks so much to the great cycle safety team that taught us!

Well done Skyla!

This term, Skyla competed for the school in the 2016 Primary Schools Trampoline Championship! Well done!

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Buddy Reading with Room 12

This term we have started BUDDY READING with our buddy class ROOM 12! We are excited to see the new teaching skills we will learn and develop and to see the amazing progress our buddies make.