Monday, 23 November 2015

Vinnie's Art!

Check out Vinnie's cool cheeseburger and crocodile he made using clay! Stunning!!


We have to lucky to do swimming this term as a part of our P.E. learning at OLV. We have loved all the different swimming skills we have learnt and would like to thank our parent helpers and King's Swim School!



This term we had the pleasure of having Life Education and Harold visit us. We were so eager to see him and learn some new information and skills around the different friendships and relationships we have. We worked with a really cool teacher called Kim, who taught us about friendships, different skills to use within our friendships and where we can turn when things don't got quite so right. Kim taught us a lot of skills in particular, how to deal when a friend doesn't treat us right or when we have a tough choice to make within our friendships.

We learnt that at the end of the day, to have a good friend you need to BE a good friend.

Values Assembly!

Here is a photo of our class preparing to lead our school for values assembly this term (term 4). We thoroughly enjoy presenting to the whole school about our Mercy Values and different things we have been learning in Religious Education within our classroom. This term our Mercy value is Social Justice. Have you ever heard for the bible story about the Good Samaritan? If not, check it out as if was the key focus for our Social Justice themed values assembly.