Friday, 14 August 2015


This term the focus of our writing is speech writing. So far we have looked at the most important part of giving a speech and that is the different elements of presenting. We have looked at the elements of Voice, Body Movement and Gesture, and Eye Contact. As well as learning about what makes these elements so important, we have also been able to start practicing these within small groups in preparation for class speeches later on this term. We can't wait to show you all we have learnt and what fantastic public speakers we will all be at the end of our unit.

Wonderful Winter Sports!!

Our winter sports tournament has come to a close! We have learnt new skills and have been able to play different teams from around Christchurch. We would like to thank all the parent supporters who have helped us out throughout the season. Check out these crazy photos of our year 6 super soccer team!


We are looking at Sacrament this term and in our first lesson we looked at what is the differences between Sacrament and sacrament?

As a class we knew that there are the Seven Sacraments celebrated within our faith but were unsure what sacrament meant with a lower case "s". We were then able to explore and find out what sacrament with a lower case "s" truly means.

We found out that "A sacrament is a sign that people can see, which tells them something about the power and love of God - Te Atua who can not be seen"

From here as a class we created a class mural about what are the signs of sacrament we can see everyday. Check us out in action!