Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tapa Cloth!

As it Samoan language week we have been learning different things throughout the week about the Samoan culture. Being the final day we celebrated what we have learnt by making our own tapa cloths. Check out the process we worked through ...


On Wednesday night as a school we supported Mr Aberhart and our Pasifika students at the launch of the Talanoa Project for our cluster. Special mention to Sam, Tara and Yasmine from our class who performed special Samoan songs that they have learnt during their Samoan nest. So impressed with the students who came along to support ... We were so graceful and represented OLV well!

Monday, 18 May 2015

The Holy Spirit

So far this term we have been learning more about the Holy Spirit within our R.E.  programme. We have learnt a lot about the Holy Spirit and the importance of it when we are baptised. As a family, maybe you would like to discuss at home what we know about the Holy Spirit and an important part it plays in our Catholic faith. 

Guinea Pigs

Caroline brought her guinea pigs in to shows us what awesome pets they make! We thank Caroline and her mum for the afternoon visit.

ANZAC Student led Inquiry

Being ANZAC day, we realised as a class that we needed to find out why it is an important day to commemorate and the history behind the day. From here, Room 7 picked a particular part of World War I they would like to know more about went about researching their key questions which related to their topic. Topics researched included transport, soldiers, the animals and Gallipoli. We then chose the best way to share our research back to the class, videos were made as well as posters. Overall, we learnt more about our country's history and loved guiding our own research. 


On the 25th of April we celebrated ANZAC day was a parish community. We were lucky enough to have members from the New Zealand Army to lead us in our liturgy. This included Liam's mum Nicky and even Miss K-Henry's dad. Here are some pictures from our liturgy and our class with our school's crosses. 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Google Drive

Miss K-Henry will hand out the Google Drive login and password tomorrow. Thank you for your patience :)