Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Tree Procedure!

Last week for writing we got to plan and write a procedure for making a Christmas tree using a waffle cone. This included writing a goal, listing our materials, writing the steps needed to be completed and a check at the end to see if the procedure has been completed correctly or not. Here are some photos of us making our Christmas tree cones.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Vinnie's Art!

Check out Vinnie's cool cheeseburger and crocodile he made using clay! Stunning!!


We have to lucky to do swimming this term as a part of our P.E. learning at OLV. We have loved all the different swimming skills we have learnt and would like to thank our parent helpers and King's Swim School!



This term we had the pleasure of having Life Education and Harold visit us. We were so eager to see him and learn some new information and skills around the different friendships and relationships we have. We worked with a really cool teacher called Kim, who taught us about friendships, different skills to use within our friendships and where we can turn when things don't got quite so right. Kim taught us a lot of skills in particular, how to deal when a friend doesn't treat us right or when we have a tough choice to make within our friendships.

We learnt that at the end of the day, to have a good friend you need to BE a good friend.

Values Assembly!

Here is a photo of our class preparing to lead our school for values assembly this term (term 4). We thoroughly enjoy presenting to the whole school about our Mercy Values and different things we have been learning in Religious Education within our classroom. This term our Mercy value is Social Justice. Have you ever heard for the bible story about the Good Samaritan? If not, check it out as if was the key focus for our Social Justice themed values assembly.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Intern Leaders

Our Year 6 Intern Leaders received their badges this week. It has been a long time coming but these guys have really stepped up to the mark. They have been improving their role modelling skills within the classroom and around the school. They have created both Wheels Wednesday and IT lessons in the library for students from around the school as well as taking on senior leadership tasks when the year 7 & 8 students have been at technology. Great work Intern Leaders and keep up the hard work!

Odd Shoe Day - Showing our support for a cure for cancer!

Kings Canterbury Cricket

We were fortunate enough to have the Canterbury Kings Cricket team come in and hang out with our class and room 6. Two players from the team as well as a player from the women's cricket team came in and taught us some cricket skills and new games that we can play as a class. We would like to thank the players that came in and hung out with us for the morning. We had so much fun!

Tumeke Kapa Haka!

We finally got to show off all the hard work we have been putting into our kapa haka when we got to perform at Horncastle Arena for the Christchurch Cultural Festival. Check out these awesome pictures of us in our uniforms and getting the best performance ever! We did Our Lady of Victories proud!


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Canterbury Museum!

Our inquiry theme for term three is Te Waipounamu and Kiwiana. To active our prior knowledge and to get our brains thinking we visited Canterbury museum. As a part of our visit to the museum we were able to have a session with Marissa, who also took us on our journey to Riccarton Bush. This time, Marissa was teaching us all about Kiwiana and why this term is used to reflect our kiwi culture. We were also able to check out the Paua house, which is an important feature of our kiwi history. After having lunch in the Garden, we went on a scavenger hunt throughout the museum in teams. We had such an awesome time, and it has set us up for our inquiry learning for the rest of the term. Thank you to all those that helped us out, especially Mrs Manderson, who came along with us.

Friday, 14 August 2015


This term the focus of our writing is speech writing. So far we have looked at the most important part of giving a speech and that is the different elements of presenting. We have looked at the elements of Voice, Body Movement and Gesture, and Eye Contact. As well as learning about what makes these elements so important, we have also been able to start practicing these within small groups in preparation for class speeches later on this term. We can't wait to show you all we have learnt and what fantastic public speakers we will all be at the end of our unit.